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Don Frericks is deeply committed to helping people and organizations become as much as they can be through Leadership Coaching.  He is known as an outstanding leader, his leadership experience formed during years with some of the best companies in the midwest: Cintas, Cincinnati Bell, the former US Bank (Star Bank then), a large & very successful nonprofit.  Half of his career has been spent in consulting focusing on organizational improvement and executive coaching.  Some of the companies that he has worked with are: Procter & Gamble, LexisNexis, Reynolds & Reynolds, Brown Forman, Humana and many others.  Over his years of working in the corporate world and as an executive coach he has seen first hand the dramatic effect leaders can have on their teams, good and bad!  Don's corporate experience became his practicum of leadership observation.  He has first hand experience working for a great leader and the despair of working for a very bad leader.

Leadership Matters 

Never before have we known so much about leadership (think of the thousands of books, classes, coaches, etc.) yet in the large majority of organizations the greatest limiting factor is the lack of good leaders.  Employee engagement – 29% (Gallup) (we should actually call it employee disengagement) has remained the same over the years and we read about how many people would like to leave their job once the economy gets better.  What’s going on?  INC. magazine reported over $300 billion is lost due to lost productivity from people working for bad bosses.

Don's dream is to change the world by helping people who desire to become a better leader and give them the tools, direction, and resources to do so.  Companies generally do not hold their managers accountable to lead effectively and are driving their employee disengagement with bad leadership  To succeed one must hold themselves accountable to be an extraordinary leader.  Make Me A Better Leader is starting a revolution in which leaders themselves take full accountability for thier leadership effectiveness and make a significant effort to become extraordinary at leadership!


"Don is a genuinely caring, experienced and deeply insightful coach who helps transform lives. He has been my leadership coach for almost a year after a chance encounter in a global training. I was impressed by his authenticity and soon afterwards, thankfully, we found a way to work together. His coaching sessions have accelerated my personal growth by gently nudging me to explore sources of personal growth I would not have considered on my own (for example, non intuitive cross-training versus linear focus to get better at something). I would highly recommend him to anyone committed to discover and fulfill one’s potential in life, professionally and personally."


- Sameer


"Don provided me with executive coaching for almost a year as I transitioned into a broader leadership role within my firm. As my leadership accountabilities expanded, I needed to adapt my leadership style and add new skills to make me effective with a broader range of constituents as well as learn to "manage up" effectively. Given I joined the firm 20 years ago, I needed skills to get others in the firm to see me as I was currently performing, not reach conclusions from older experiences when I was an immature leader. Don did all of this effectively. I have subsequently been promoted multiple times and now run a newly launched international division of the firm. Many of his counsel, tricks and tips replay themselves in my head and all the right times. During this difficult process, I never felt judged or lacking during this process, the approach was build on your skills and minimize your weaknesses."

- Christine

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